Olga Vanoncini Studio

Olga Vanoncini Studio
Educational Startup & Experimental Space
Tel Aviv, Israel

***Hebrew version***

Olga Vanoncini Studio is an Educational Startup and an Experimental Space opened in 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
We produce crafted creative programs for creativity enthusiasts, families and kids, institutions, companies, professionals.
All workshops and classes are in Hebrew and English.
All programs are customized and available also at your location.
We curate a range of cultural events and partnerships with international institutions.

See our ATLAS for weekly calendar and ongoing programs.
Get in touch with us at olgavanoncini@gmail.com and +972 (0)58 6882460.

Our original format combines education, creativity and innovation.
Learning is an amazing lifetime experience that boosts the personal and professional sides of each one of us at every step of our lives.
Each of our activities is learner-centered with the teacher in the role of facilitator. Our didactic practice is based on the process and includes positive reinforcement, peer instruction, teamwork.
Curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm are our best natural state and to express ourselves we love to experience creative processes through exercises, games and experiments.
Cross-disciplinarity is the process of discovering new interactions between disciplines and of disrupting the existing to grow into our best.
We combine qualified teaching, easy technology and enriching live experience.
With our programs we support culture, refugee kids, elderly people, inclusive education and animals’ safeguard.

Visual Artist, Educator and Creative Professional, Olga Vanoncini was born in 1978 in Bergamo, Italy, and in 2014 she moved to Tel Aviv, Israel.
That moment of passage, in between countries, languages, lives, boosted the professional and personal growth of Olga leading her to rethink her own professional role: in 2018 she opened in Tel Aviv Olga Vanoncini Studio, Educational Startup & Experimental Space.
With main experiences in visual arts, education, writing and editing, management of cultural realities, Olga builds in Italy and in Israel an experience characterized by cross-disciplinarity and flexibility.
Education is the core of her artistic and professional practice.
Learning is for Olga a personal and professional lifetime experience.